Pro Grouting Tile Techniques & Tips Pro Grouting Tile Techniques & Tips

Laying tiles can seem like a daunting process, but grouting ceramic tile for an even surface is not as tricky as it looks. There are a number of techniques and tips you can use to ensure you get a good finish for your efforts.

Even Ground

It is essential that you sort out any lumps, bumps, and holes in the ground. The better job you do at this stage the better the finish at the end. Products are available to aid this process, including floor levelling liquids, which though expensive, can be a good touch for the right finish. Check that the product you buy is suitable for the project. The same can be said for wall surfaces. The less bumps and holes the better the finish.

Proper Tooling

There can be no substitute for the right tools, and any hope of a good professional job is lost if you are making do with a hammer and a screwdriver when a tile cutter is needed. There are plenty of outlets to rent tools if you do not feel you will need to own them permanently. 

Layout for Flooring

A good tip is to lay the tiles out before they are grouted into position. This will show you how the tiles will look. To get the best results, find the center of the floor and lay the tiles from this point towards the wall. Though it can be tempting to lay from an edge, the overall finish may look unnatural as your eye naturally falls to the centre of the room. Starting from the middle, ensures they will not look natural, and not disjointed.

Choose the Right Grouting

The right grouting is essential to the success of the job. Different grouting is suited to different tiles as they are designed to cement to different surfaces.

When mixing the grout, aim to use as little water as possible, to achieve an effect whereby you have a smooth paste with no powder visible. Follow the manufacture's instructions to mix the paste, but add water gradually so you only use the bare minimum.

Handling Tiles

Always handle the tiles with care. This is not just to avoid breakages, but scratches and marks too. The cleaner and better handled the tiles, the better the overall finish.


Never rush grouting ceramic tiles, or any stage prior to it. The aim is to get the best job and best finish, and like Rome, that won't happen in a day. For a professional finish, take your time. Do not rush, but do things properly.


Use a sealer appropriate to the tile, and apply according to manufacturer's instructions. Sealing will provide a professional finish, and help to protect the tiles and the grout from stains. Reapply the sealer as per manufacturer's instructions.


Always use a cleaning product formulated for ceramic tiles and grout. The wrong choice could well lead to stains, and damage the overall effect of the finish. When you are finished, pack away your tools and enjoy your results. You deserve it!

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