Problems Associated with Alternative Renewable Energy Problems Associated with Alternative Renewable Energy

Alternative renewable energy has been used on the small scale for many years in rural areas and on family farms. The massive large scale operation of such systems is a relatively new concept and provides a few issues. As much as renewable alternative energy is a wonderful idea, the issues associated with the problem must be addressed first if the movement will ever have any success.

Point To Source

Since renewable energy is often dependent on location (high winds, rushing water, extensive sun), it is not available in every area possible. This means that the energy must be created in one location and then transported to another location. The creation of such an infrastructure can be quite expensive when dealing with relatively new energy methods. Secondly, many areas which provide the space necessary for large scale alternative energy are quite remote, meaning that even larger distances must be spanned to get the energy from the source to the point of use.


Often many new renewable sources do not have adequate technology for storing the energy once it has been harvested. This means that energy flows well when the wind is blowing, the sun is shining, or the water is moving, but do not necessary provide the seamless coverage people have come to depend upon. Secondly, in many areas there are peak usages in time when large amounts of energy are being craved by consumers. Dinner time will often have a much larger energy usage than the middle of the night. In these moments, the steady stream of energy is often not enough and requires access to stored energy to provide the added boost.

Knowledgeable Workforce

Many large scale alternative energy operations require routine maintenance in order to run at optimal levels. This means a trained staff of mechanics, technicians, trouble shooters, and installers must be on hand for all the areas popping up with new alternative technology. Unfortunately, these people just don't exist yet. The technology is not necessarily new, but the desire to mass produce such technology and the speed with which many areas are installing large systems is working faster than the ability to educate an train qualified staff. The lag creates a significant problem of not only money, but efficiency.

State Regulations

In many areas the new technology is also moving faster than state and local regulators can come up with appropriate ways to govern such machines. In many places wind turbines have been used for agricultural reasons, but never in large scale wind farms. The new concept is causing concerns about health of residences, safety, and environmental effects. In many ways the outcomes are not known enough for questions to be answered. Secondly, the permits for such operations cause many political issues when politicians and residents want to be behind alternative energy but do not want the added tax costs or possible health and environmental concerns in their areas.


It is expensive to run new lines, maintain specialized equipment, and purchase large quantities of the latest technology. In the end, the money has to come from somewhere, and often no one wants to fund it.

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