Problems with Building Wind Turbines on Roofs Problems with Building Wind Turbines on Roofs

In an effort to combat climate change, building wind turbines on a small and large scale is seen as a viable option to create emission-free energy. Small scale wind turbines can be built on the rooftops of houses. However, this can cause certain problems.

The Need for Height

Wind turbines need height to be effective, as this way they catch more wind and generate more power. For the home, the logical place to put a wind turbine is on the roof of a house.


One of the main problems from building wind turbines on rooftops, is vibration. Wind turbines shake in the wind and subsequently shake the structure of the house, causing damage.

Too Much Wind

If the wind is too strong, especially for low speed wind turbines, then more energy is created than the batteries which store it can handle. This results in damage to the battery, and possible damage to the wind turbine and the house.


Wind turbines do have the potential to generate a whining sound which can be intrusive, not just to the home occupiers but to neighbors as well.


Due to the nature of the design and exposure to the weather, wind turbines do need plenty of maintenance to maintain output.

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