Professional Cookware Set

Offered by such manufacturers as Viking, Circulon and Mauviel among many others, the hallmark of any professional cookware set is quality. Styles vary according to taste, but the cookware should be even-heating, durable and easy to clean. Quality cookware can last a lifetime. Professional cookware takes a beating, so it has to be the pinnacle of excellence. Professional cookware used in the home delivers the same outstanding results, only at a smaller scale.

Quality Design

Different cookware comes in a variety of materials, from sleek stainless steel to hard-anodized aluminum. With select cookware sets, multiple materials are used, such as with the Scanpan 14-piece set. It features stainless steel rivets and covers and cast aluminum bases for more effective heat conductivity. Stainless steel bases typically include a layer of aluminum sandwiched between the outer and inner surfaces. Neither steel or aluminum will warp or crack, while food release and cleanup are easy.

Component Sets

The number of components included in a professional cookware set is variable. 3- to 14-piece sets are common. While more expensive, larger sets include a wider variety of implements and utensils, meaning they won't have to be purchased at another time. The same Scanpan 14-piece set includes:

  • 8- and 10.25-inch frying pans
  • 10.25-inch saute pan with cover
  • 10.25-inch square grill
  • 1- and 3-quart saucepans with lids
  • 6.5-quart stockpot
  • 6.5-quart pasta insert
  • Stainless steel slotted spatula and spoon

The size and capacity of each set component varies with the make as well. Skillets commonly range from 8 to 11 inches, while saucepans typically have a capacity of up to 3 quarts.


Not just used professionally, home cooks enjoy the quality, stylings and easy use of professional cookware. Professional cookware is compatible with virtually all stovetop types, and all manner of utensils, from wood to metal, may be used with stainless steel and aluminum cookware.