Professional Deep Fryer

A professional deep fryer is available for $150 or less from name brands such as Waring, Cuisinart, Presto and DeLonghi. Perfect for making many favorite restaurant-quality fried foods like chicken, seafood, batter-coated vegetables and more, a professional-grade deep fryer in the home makes a great countertop fixture. Compact, stylish and easy to use as well as clean, home deep fryers come in an assortment of design styles sure to suit one's tastes, both aesthetic and culinary.

Deep Fryer Design

Most professional deep fryers found in the home feature an immersible, 1,500- to 1,800-Watt heating element that heats oil quickly. An automatic shutoff circuit prevents overloading, while cool touch models limit the threat of burns since the outside doesn't conduct heat. Most models feature a seal-tight lid to prevent splattering oil. In terms of cleanup, the element and nonstick enamel oil reservoir are removable and often dishwasher safe for quick cleaning. 

Performance Features

Among the performance features found on professional deep fryers are an adjustable thermostat, electronic one-touch controls, a convenient viewing window and a timer. Depending on the fryer, cooking capacity can reach up to 2.5 pounds. Some models feature a drain for emptying used cooking oil. Home deep fryers typically use a steel mesh wire basket with a stay-cool handle in which to place food and immerse it into the hot oil.