Professional Roof Cleaning Equipment

When it comes roof cleaning, some people believe that it is an easy procedure not knowing what roof cleaning equipment will be required for the process.. But, it is in fact a job that needs a few things to be done to prepare for it. In addition there is roof cleaning equipment that is required to do the job properly. You have to select the correct cleaning materials and liquids with some care and thought.

Preparation for Cleaning a Roof

The first thing you have to think about when cleaning a roof is that it is a job that needs to be completed in various stages. You need to get rid of any loose debris on the roof first of all. This will enable you to get a much better look at where the problems are and how to tackle them. All you will need is a broom to remove the debris. Once you have removed anything from the surface of the roof that is loose, you can carry on with the cleaning by loosening any dirt that is stuck to the roof more firmly. In order to achieve this, a hose should be used to wet the surface. If you do this for over five minutes this should be sufficient to clean the roof in preparation. If you get some really stubborn dirt that just won’t come off, you can make use of chemicals to aid you. There are various cleaning products that work equally well with all sorts of roof types. It is important to use the right cleaning equipment that will not damage your roof when used.

Using Chemicals for Cleaning a Roof

In the case of a roof that is particularly dirty, chemicals need to be used to give you a helping hand. Bleach is a very strong cleaning agent that can kill and destroy most dirt that has built up on your roof. On the down side, it can change the color and appearance of the tiles. If you want to avoid that problem then you should use a bleach that will keep the colors and is safe. Once this chemical has been applied to the roof surface, let it sit there for around fifteen minutes before washing off. Sodium Hydroxide will help to dissolve mold and dirt on your roof quickly and easily. However, it does need a vast amount of power washing to get rid of more. This pressure may dislodge tiles from the roof.

Using a Pressure Washer Cleaner

Using a pressure washer for a roof that is dirty is a great tool and can be used in conjunction with chemicals. They are extremely versatile and can be used to wash almost any roof. The power washer will enable you to clean off any stubborn dirt and debris built up on the surface of the roof. They are proven to be very safe and effective in tackling this sort of problem. The best way to use this unit is to start at the corners of the roof and work your way in to the middle. It may be necessary to go over the same area over and over again to make sure it gets clean.

In summary, finding the right roof cleaning equipment is very important when it comes to your roof so as to not damage the surface and ensure that it is cleaned properly and effectively.