Profiles for Granite Countertop Edges

Lead Image for Profiles for Granite Countertop Edges

There are several different granite countertop edges available. Options range from simple and affordable to intricate and expensive. Different suppliers might offer different variations of profiles, but there are a few basic shapes or cuts that all will provide.

Basic Profiles

These are the most common and least expensive options. The eased or straight edge profile is the most basic and cheapest cut you can have. The round edge is slightly curved at the top and bottom. The bullnose edge is prominently rounded with no angular lines. The beveled edge uses angular cuts, while the cove edge curves inward at the upper part. These basic profiles also come in different variations.

Premium Profiles

If you are looking for something more stylish, consider the ogee edge, which resembles a gracefully curved S-profile. Other options combine cuts, including the ogee bullnose, cove bullnose, and waterfall edge.

Choosing the Right Profile for Granite Countertop

You may find some of these options more attractive than the others. However, in choosing the one you like best, do not just consider what fits the motif of your room’s interior. Also, consider functionality and safety. Spilling liquid on a countertop with a full bulldog granite countertop edge, for example, can cause the liquid to run around the edge, straight to the cabinet under your countertop.