Program A Door Lock Button System

Door lock button systems are common features of most modern vehicles.  It allows the owner to lock or unlock the vehicle with just the click of a button. The functions of a door lock button system are controlled by the Body Control Module (BCM) and the Central Timer Module (CTM). These modules are progammable. Here are two ways by which the door lock button system can be programmed by the owner.

First Method of Programming:

  1. Press the [LOCK] button five times at two-second intervals to synchronize the transmitter.
  2. Then, turn the ignition switch to run position. (Allow ignition chimes to stop).
  3. By using any working transmitter, you may press the [UNLOCK] button for four to ten seconds.
  4. Within the specified four to ten seconds, continue pressing the [UNLOCK] button and press the [PANIC] button for 1 second and release both buttons. You release either button first. Entering the transmitter-programming mode will be indicated by a chime. Allow 3 seconds for chime to ound.
  5. In the next step, press [LOCK] and [UNLOCK] buttons simultaneously for one second and release. A short chime will sound for AN/DN.
  6. Finally, press and release any button on the same transmitter and a chime will sound after successfully programming the transmitter. 

Second Method of Programming:

  1. Press [LOCK] button five times at two-second intervals to re-synchronize transmitter. Check the operations of the transmitter and if it is working as per specifications, discontinue the programming procedure.
  2. Then, turn the ignition to the run position. Allow ignition chimes to stop.
  3. By using the original transmitter, you may press and hold the [UNLOCK] button on the transmitter for between four and ten seconds.
  4. Continue to hold the [UNLOCK] button and press the [PANIC] button. Sound of a chime signal to indicate that the transmitter-programming mode has been entered. Allow 3 seconds for chime to sound.
  5. Press a button on all transmitters to be programmed into the system including any previously programmed transmitters; a chime will sound when each transmitter has been programmed.
  6. In order to exit the transmitter-programming mode, turn the ignition to "OFF" position.