Propagate a Dawn Redwood Tree

Known for their ability to attract wildlife, Dawn Redwood trees are an excellent choice if you want to plant a tree beneath an established mature tree. The dawn redwood tree is the perfect choice for a beginning gardener who wants to grow a tree that is both hardy and beautiful.

The best way to propagate a dawn redwood tree is to purchase a seedling from a nursery; it should be at least 2 feet tall when you purchase it. After buying a seedling, choose an area of your yard to plant it that will provide the tree with full or partial shade.

Dig a hole in your chosen location that is at least 2 inches deeper than the container that the seedling was purchased in. Next, remove the dawn redwood from its nursery container and place it into the hole so the stump of the tree is at the same height as it was in the nursery container. Fill the extra space in the hole with the soil that you removed while digging the hole. To finish off the process, thoroughly water in the plant with your garden hose.