Propagate a Hickory Tree from a Softwood Cutting

What You'll Need
Pruning shears
Gardening gloves

If you don't want to grow a hickory tree from a seed, another method is propagation. You can propagate a hickory tree from a softwood cutting by following these steps.

Step 1 - Collect the Softwood

Softwood cuttings come from the soft, new growth that shoots out of woody plants as they begin to harden and mature. Shoots are perfect for making softwood cuttings when they are easy to snap when bent, and when they have a variety of leaf sizes (the oldest leaves are large and the youngest ones are smaller).

For most trees, softwood can be collected in May, June, and July. Because the roots are so soft and tender, you have to be extra careful to avoid drying out the roots. But if you take the time and care to properly plant the softwood, the plant will root quickly, saving you a lot of time.

Step 2 - Propagation

When the tree grows new shoots, cut them off using pruning shears, place the shoot into a ground covering of soil and stones or small rocks until the shoot roots. Use well drained, rich loam soil.

Step 3 - Water

Give the plant a lot of water, especially during dry periods, and propagate in the late spring or early summer to ensure proper growth.