Propagate Your Snapdragons

What You'll Need
Packet of Seeds or
This years fallen blooms (dried)
Small Rake

Snapdragons are a variety of semi perennial flowers (last a few years but not indefinitely) that are available in many different colors. It seems that the only color not available for your flower garden is a true blue color. Snapdragons can be propagated from seeds, or from cuttings. It is also a fact that you can leave the dried up blooms in the flower bed, and many times the seeds will grow on their own. There is a much better way to propagate from seed though, if you would like to ensure a more profitable blooming season.

Step 1: Dry The Seeds

If you are using the fallen blooms from snapdragons that you already have in your garden then collect the fallen blooms an allow them to dry out. Shake the seeds from them and let them dry completely as well. This will give you the equivalent of what you will find in a package of seeds from the store.

Step 2: Prepare The Soil

You need to prepare your soil with plenty of nutrients to last through the snapdragons growing season. Make sure that you do not use a high nitrogen fertilizer or soil preparer or the plants will grow but you might not get very many blooms. It is a good idea to use soil from a compost pile or a good potting soil if you will be potting your snapdragons.

Step 3: Sow The Seeds

If you are starting your plants indoors, fill your starting cups with soil place a couple of seeds and add about a half an inch of soil on top. They should be started about 8 weeks before the last frost. If you are planting them outdoors, prepare your soil and place your seeds right after the last frost. Planting them outside is as simple as laying the seeds on top of the soil an using a rake to lightly turn them into the soil.

Step 4: Water

Whenever you plant new seeds be sure to water them liberally upon sowing. After the initial watering it is only necessary to make sure that the soil stays moist, not saturated. When you move the seedlings from inside it is wise to let them adapt to the outdoor weather for a day or two in their current pots before moving them into new soil. Make certain that you have them in a well-draining sunny area for optimum growth.

Propagating snapdragons from seed is very easy and will not take you that long to do. You can actually even leave the spent blooms on the ground and receive some new blooms from them the next year. You will, however, have much more exact results when planting the seeds yourselves. Once you have got the hang of it and are sure that you enjoy the flower in your garden you can try an heirloom variety to add more variance to your flower garden.