Propagating a Garden Phlox

Propagating a garden phlox from cuttings or division is a fairly simple process which can be executed by beginner gardeners. This article identifies and describes the steps one must take to successfully propagate a garden phlox.


Wait for the Prime Time

As spring arrives after the last frost of winter you will notice that your garden phlox has begun to send out shoots of new growth. When the shoots of new growth exceed the length of an inch you may prepare to take cuttings.

If you wish to propagate your garden phlox through division you must divide the plant in early spring or late fall for best results. To divide the plant, use a gardening tool to separate the mother plant into several smaller and independent plants.

Take Cuttings and Begin the Rooting Process

Take several tender tip cuttings from the garden phlox using a sterile razor or sharp pair of sterile scissors. Each cutting should be between 2 and 4 inches; the cuttings must be immediately placed into water immediately after cutting.

Once all the cuttings have been acquired, dip the cut end in rooting hormone and individually plant each cutting in a separate pot.

Treat the cuttings with care; keep the roots moist, provide sunlight and protect the plant from cold. Within a couple of weeks the cutting should root.