Propane Pool Heaters for Inground Pools Propane Pool Heaters for Inground Pools

Propane pool heaters are among the many options to keep your in-ground swimming pool heated so you can enjoy a longer swimming period. Other options include gas heaters, heat pumps and solar heaters. As compared to the other options propane pool heaters are the most widespread kind and also the quickest to heat the water. This makes them suitable for using at short notice or in a cold climate.

Cost and Life

Propane pool heaters use propane tanks mounted above or below ground to heat up the pool water. The unit costs $1200 to $6250 (including installation) depending on the size of the pool. On average the cost of using the heater ranges from $1000 to $ 1500 per year, depending on the climate and duration of use.

The average life of these heaters is 5 years or more, with a warranty for parts ranging between 1 and 5 years.

Efficiency and Power

When buying one, the two common measures to judge the heaters are by BTUs (British Thermal Units) and efficiency. BTUs measure the speed at which the heater raises the temperature of the water; ranging between 65,000 and 400,000 BTUs, a higher number means quicker heating which comes at a higher cost of running.

Efficiency measures the wastage of energy; ranging between 60 and 80 percent for propane heaters, the efficiency level goes down with time and requires frequent maintenance.


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