Proper Care Instructions To Harvest Acai Berry Fruit

Acai Berry Fruit is grown in the jungles of Brazil, so it's rare that people other than native Brazilians know how to properly tend and harvest the trees. For those who've attempted to cultivate acai trees outside the Brazilian rainforest, here are some tips for proper acai care.

Prepare an Environment

In order to grow acai yourself, you will need a frost free environment. If this is not possible, then you will need to grow the tree in a greenhouse. Since the acai tree grows to heights of about 30 feet, a greenhouse is only realistic for harvesting young trees. At the point that they grew too large for the indoor conditions, the acai palms could be cut and harvested for their palm hearts or “heart of palm.”

Maintaining the Trees

Acai trees cannot survive temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. So, as the trees grow, it is most important to keep the temperature moderated for them. If they are kept in smaller pots, they will not reach their full growth potential. Without reaching a substantial height, they won’t produce as many berries.

Besides keeping the air warm, the ground must be kept clear and moist.  If you don’t keep the soil and air temperature maintained, you would likely lose your investment in the trees since they will be unable to survive.

Berry Growth

The berries on all seven species of acai berry palms grow in largely the same way. On the top of the palms, the berries grow in groups or clusters, similar to the clusters of grapes found on grape vines. They even look similar to grapes, with the dark purple, round berries. Each acai berry contains a large seed.

Propagating the Trees

Once you have the growth procedure down for the acai palm tree, it should grow to a large size in a robust growing season.

To get more acai trees, it is not necessary to order more plants. A mature acai tree will produce runners at its base. These runners can be harvested, rooted in water, then planted in the ground near the parent plant, but far enough away to give them plent of room to grow.

When these shoots are properly cultivated, they will multiply and grow. These “offspring” of the parent acai plant are often stronger and produce more fruit than the original acai tree. Therefore, when you set out to raise acai, don’t forget to plan for cultivating more than one tree and take advantage of the free systems for getting more plants from that single acai tree.