Proper Method of Spreading Turf Fertilizer Proper Method of Spreading Turf Fertilizer

You must be very careful when you spread turf fertilizer. Caution is the key, as if you do not pay a lot of attention to what you are doing, you risk causing damage to the grass. You need a fertilizer spreader, safety glasses as well as a pair of gloves. Take very good care of your turf and make sure that it is always healthy.

1 – Mowing the Turf

First of all, you need to cut your turf or lawn carefully with a lawnmower. Clean and sharpen your lawnmower blades thoroughly after using it three or four times. It will help to keep your turf green and beautiful.

2 – Removing Weeds

Make sure that you inspect your turf to see if you find any weeds. In case you find any weeds in your turf, remove them immediately. Weeds act like parasites over your turf because they deprive it from fertilizer and moisture.

3 – Testing the Soil

You are advised to collect a few soil samples and test them before fertilizing. The soil samples should be taken in a chemical laboratory, and there they will be tested to check how acidic the soil is and how high the levels of phosphorous and potassium are. You should take the samples from the soil in fall or winter, and the soil should be about four or six inches deep.

4 – Fertilizing the Turf

You are recommended to spread fertilizer over your turf during its growth. However, the time of fertilization differs from the northern to the southern part of the United States. If you live in the northern area of the U.S. you should fertilize your turf in April, May, September and October, and if you live in the southern U.S. you should fertilize your turf between June and August.

Before spreading fertilizer on your turf, make sure that you read the labels and the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Always remember to wear safety glasses and gloves when you are holding the fertilizer in your hands and filling the hopper of the spreader with it. Check the label for the calibration number of your spreader. You are highly advised to fill only half the spreader because in this way, the fertilizer will flow in a smoother way upon on your turf.

Move the spreader steadily in a forward direction and make sure that you let go of the handle in order to pour down the fertilizer. As you move the spreader, look down and check the flow of the turf fertilizer.

Before you start the spreader, make sure that you have enough turf fertilizer for the entire area, and always remember to close the spreader’s handle before you reach the other edge. This must be done to prevent spills. If you have some turf fertilizer left in the spreader, put it back into its pack and clean the hopper thoroughly.

5 – Preventing Pollution

There are also some safety procedures which you must follow when you fertilize your turf. Do not clean fertilizer spills with water spray. If you do not be very careful, the fertilizer can pollute the groundwater beneath the soil as well as the ocean, lakes, and rivers located nearby.

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