Proper Rise for a Scooter Ramp Proper Rise for a Scooter Ramp

The proper rise for a wheelchair or scooter ramp is important to ensure the ease and safety of those who use it. A ramp that is too steep can cause unnecessary strain on the person using it as well as cause the scooter or wheelchair. Fortunately, the ADA has set guidelines to make it easy to find the proper rise and length of your ramp.

Find the Incline

The first thing you want to do is measure the stairs, threshold, or other area you are going to place the ramp. Measure from the ground (or wherever the ramp will start) to the top of the stairs or threshold. This number in inches is going to be the total rise for your ramp.

Find the Length

The rise is going to determine the length required for your ramp. The higher the rise, the longer the ramp needs to be. This will allow the slope to be manageable for the scooter. For a scooter ramp the ADA suggests a ratio of 1:12. So for every inch of rise a foot of ramp is needed. If you have stairs that with a 24 inch rise, you will need 24 feet of ramp to create a safe environment for a scooter.

You can find calculators and the ADA specifications online if you need help with a tricky design.

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