Properly Budgeting Carpet Installation Prices Properly Budgeting Carpet Installation Prices

Carpet installation prices will vary depending on the kind of carpet being installed and the company performing the installation. All companies will have additional services that can prove to be very costly and burdensome for your budget. Consider the information below to not only become more knowledgeable in carpet installation prices, but to also properly place it in your budget. 

Price Increases with Unique Carpet

If you choose a carpet with a pattern or is special in some way, keep in mind that seaming and installing it will be more difficult. The installers will generally charge more per square foot for this kind of installation. You can expect to pay at least $1 per square foot extra for patterned or Berber carpet, for example. If the carpet must be installed using a professional, it would be wise to put this cost in your budget and perhaps forgo a different service in the installation which is not really worth the cost.

Additional Charge for Carpet Removal

After the installation, your old carpet will need to be removed. The company will most likely be able to take of the old carpet for you, however, expect to pay another $4 per square foot for this service. Depending on the size of the area being carpeted, you can save a great deal of money by removing and disposing of the old carpet on your own.

Extra Cost in Moving Furniture

The installers can also move the furniture you have in your room, but at an additional charge. It could cost you up to $2 per square foot; the charge will be for how far it is moved from its original spot. You should try and avoid this cost if you can because it has the potential to weigh heavy in your budget.

Hidden Fees Should be Clarified

While it may be enticing to go with a company offering free installation, there could be some hidden fees that could hurt your budget later on. The extra costs, like additional removals or shampooing of the carpet, can add up very quickly and unexpectedly if you let it.

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