Properly Clean Garage Floor Mats

Garage floor mats are large, vinyl rugs that you can place on the concrete floor of your garage and park your car on. Why does your car need its own, personal rug, you might ask? Well, it’s certainly not just to be cute; garage floor mats are important in that they absorb any dripping oil from your car, as well as any dirt, mud or anything else undesirable that your car can track in on its tires. Everyone knows how difficult it can be to clean concrete floors, especially if they’ve been sullied with sticky, viscous fluids like oil. Garage floor mats, on the other hand, can be taken out of the garage, rinsed and scrubbed, and put back in place without too much effort, keeping your car, your garage, and yourself clean and happy. If you’re thinking about buying garage floor mats, or acquired some recently, check out the tips below to find out how to keep them clean.

Cleaning Garage Floor Mats: Just Use Elbow Grease

The great thing about garage floor mats is that there’s no special, fancy technique required to clean them properly. If they’ve just become encrusted with dirt and dust from the car tires, you can easily sweep it off with a broom, without even removing the mat from the garage. If the dirt is really encrusted on the vinyl, you can use a squeegee to get the mats truly, squeaky clean.

Cleaning Garage Floor Mats: For the Extra Tough Stuff

Dirt and debris aren’t the only dirty things your car can leave behind in the garage. Especially older cars can have a tendency to drip motor oil, and that’s a tough fluid to remove; it can’t just be swept or squeegeed away. If you’ve got an oil slick on your garage floor mat, you might want to carefully take it out of the garage to do some really deep cleaning. Spray the oily mat with a hose to blast away the worst of the oil, then scrub away with an industrial cleaner that’s adapted for rubber of vinyl. Squeegee dry and replace the mat back in the garage.

Cleaning Garage Floor Mats: What Not to Do

You might be tempted to try some cleaning methods that could potentially harm the garage floor mat. For instance, you shouldn’t use a vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner on the mat (no matter how dirty it is!). These machines could damage the floor mats by degrading the materials.