Properly Clean Vinyl Plank Wood Flooring Properly Clean Vinyl Plank Wood Flooring

Vinyl plank wood flooring is one of the most popular flooring options in the market today. It is extremely hard and durable and will not scratch as easily as real wood. It also handles water issues better than a real wood floor. Therefore, many people are choosing the less expensive option in vinyl plank floors and enjoying it thoroughly. Cleaning your vinyl plank floor properly is essential to keep it looking new. Here are a few suggestions for properly cleaning your vinyl plank wood flooring.

Use Recommended Cleaner

Each brand of vinyl plank flooring will have a recommended vinyl cleaner that is associated with it. Often, the same company that makes the vinyl planks will also make a vinyl cleaner. Using this cleaner will ensure that you always keep your warranties intact and avoid any future issues. 

Wet Mop

With most vinyl cleaners, you can actually wet mop the floor. The bottle of vinyl cleaner that you use will have instructions on how to mix the solution to mop with. You will typically get a bucket of water and then dump a certain amount of vinyl cleaner into the water. Then proceed to mop the floor as you would any other type of floor. Allow it to dry and your floor should look as good as new. 

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