Properly Paint a Ceiling Speaker Grill

Painting your ceiling speaker grill is a quick and easy DIY project that will help your ceiling speaker blend in with the rest of the ceiling.

Step 1 - Remove the Grill

Before painting the ceiling speaker grill, you will have to remove it from the speaker if it has been installed. This ensures that no paint gets into the speaker, damaging it.

Step 2 - Clean it Carefully

Using a damp cloth, rub down the ceiling speaker grill, taking care to remove all dirt and debris from it.

Step 3 - Thin Paint Only

Before painting the grill, you will need to thin the paint out. Thin paint helps to ensure that it not only goes on evenly, but that the holes don’t get clogged. Only use paint manufacturer approved thinner.

Step 4 - Apply paint

Using a small foam brush, apply a light layer of paint, taking care not to clog the holes. You can also use a spray paint. It will take a few coats of paint. The key is to apply the paint lightly, to minimize clogging of the holes. If a hole does become clogged, take a wet cloth and daub at it from the inside of the grill to unclog.