Properly Using Porcelain Tile Sealer Properly Using Porcelain Tile Sealer

What You'll Need
Tile sealer
Paint roller
Paint tray
Slim paintbrush

In order to ensure that porcelain tiles remain in the best possible condition, it is prudent to apply porcelain tile sealer in order to protect them. To get the most benefit from the treatment, it is important to understand how best to complete the application process.

Step 1 – Clean Surface

Clean the surface of the tiles before applying any porcelain tile sealer to ensure that it takes properly and offers the most benefit. Dampen a sponge with tepid water and wipe the surface, adding some tile cleaner for stubborn stains. Follow this by wiping with a dry cloth to remove any excess water.

Step 2 – Consider Grout

Examine the grout for any signs of damage so that it can be rectified prior to application of the porcelain tile sealer. Apply silicone grout sealer with a paintbrush, being careful to wipe any from the tiles. Allow it to dry before proceeding.

Step 3 – Application

Pour some porcelain tile sealer into the paint tray and apply it to the tiles using a paint roller. Draw the roller in long slow strokes and avoid getting too close to the wall. Finish up the edges with a paintbrush to ensure a neat result. Allow it to dry thoroughly.

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