Pros and Con of Getting Pin T8 Light Fixtures Pros and Con of Getting Pin T8 Light Fixtures

T8 light fixtures use what are called electronic ballasts. They use semi conductor components. Electronic ballasts operate silently and start instantly. They do not have any flickering. T8 pin light fixtures use less energy while giving you increased lighting output. These fixtures are now standard light fixtures in the construction world. In certain states, they are actually required to pass building specifications. T8 lighting can save you over 40 percent in yearly energy costs. T8 lighting fixtures can be purchased anywhere. They have a life span of up to 25,000 hours! Some of the T8 lighting fixtures are equipped with two contact pins and some are equipped with one.

Bi Pin T8 Lamp Replacement

The T8 lighting fixture may be equipped with two contact pins on both ends. This type of tune is called a Bi Pin or a Two Pin. You can stick the pins in both ends of the fixture and rotate the bulb until you hear a snap. When replacing, it is best to measure the length of the lamp or take it with you when you get ready to purchase a new one.

Single Pin T8 Bulb Replacement

The single pin lamps come with a single pin that can be removed by pushing the bulb in one direction until the opposite end is freed. You can then lower it from the light fixture. The replacement bulb can be installed by sticking it in the light fixture and turning it until it is locked in place.


The pin T8 light bulbs are very fragile and will break if they are dropped. These bulbs also have mercury on the inside of them so you will have to be extremely careful when handling them if you drop one. The pieces will need to be swept up carefully. Over time, Pin T8 lighting fixtures may color shift resulting in poor color consistency. Glare may be an issue if the lighting fixtures are not used appropriately. 


These lighting fixtures give you efficient lighting at a lower cost. The bulbs come in various color temperatures and have the capability to produce light that is similar to daylight. These lighting fixtures operate at lower temperatures which reduce the cost of burning your air conditioning. They do not flicker so there is no eyestrain. Pin T8 lighting fixtures have a wider product range to better suit your lighting needs. 

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