Pros and Cons of a Basement Sauna

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As personal home saunas become more popular, many people are choosing to install a basement sauna in their home. Consider these pros and cons when weighing your decision to build a home sauna.


A home sauna can be a great addition to your home, enabling you, your family, and your friends to relax and escape the stresses of everyday life. A personal home sauna can not only encourage healthy lifestyle routines, but they can also relieve tired muscles and cleanse the body of toxins. A sauna can also add a touch of luxury and new life to your basement.


Your basement might seem like the best place in your house for a sauna, but there are disadvantages to building it there. Basements have little or no natural light that reaches it. Any moisture from the sauna will have difficulty evaporating, leading to mold and mildew, which will require constant cleaning.

Basement ventilation is inefficient and provides little or no circulation. The room could become hot or muggy, causing the paint to peel. The electricity costs could also rise as you attempt to cool the air. Any plumbing you might have to do will probably be done through the house foundation. it will require breaking the cement.