Pros and Cons of a Brass Storm Door Handle Pros and Cons of a Brass Storm Door Handle

The storm door handle is the most used part of any storm door. You will be handling this handle several times everyday. The handle is also exposed to all of the weather elements from sun to rain to snow and ice. There are plenty of different materials that make up a storm door handle. Brass is just one of those materials. 

Elegant Look for Formal Entryway

If you have a formal looking entryway that is surrounded by great landscaping, bricks, and long walkway, then the brass storm door handle will look terrific. Brass has an almost regal presentation and should be considered for a formal entrance.

Brass Is A Soft Metal

While brass does look great, it is also a soft metal. This means that it will damage quite easily if met with a heavy object. If the door gets away from you in a strong wind, it can slam against the side of the house and bend the brass handle. 

Requires Constant Care

Brass is one of those metals that has both incredible pros, but equally lowering cons. The great look of brass is only because of the way that it is maintained. If not kept up on a continual basis, the brass will begin to tarnish and have a green tint to it. A constant buffing, and cleaning will keep the brass looking new and shiny.

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