Pros and Cons of a Fiberglass Deck Boards

Fiberglass deck boards may be a solution when you are building or repairing the patio or other areas outside your home. If you are considering fiberglass, you should know the benefits and drawbacks of these types of boards.

Pros of a Fiberglass Deck Boards

Fiberglass deck boards may have some advantages when compared to other types of materials, such as metal or wood. Some advantages of fiberglass deck boards include:

  • Resistance to water
  • Will not rot
  • More durable than wood or metal decks
  • Can not be attacked by termites
  • Easy to cut - There will be no splinters when sawing of drilling in the decks
  • Easy to install
  • More environmental friendly than wood
  • Will not modify their shape due to cold and hot temperatures (will not expand or contract)
  • Low maintenance
  • Will not develop rust

Cons of a Fiberglass Deck Boards

When choosing fiberglass deck boards, you should also consider these drawbacks:

  • Heavier than aluminum or wood
  • May be affected by mold
  • May fade in time
  • Prone to scratches
  • May be dented or chipped
  • Easily stained especially with grease or dirt
  • More expensive than wood