Pros and Cons of a Garage Ceiling Pulley Storage System

A home with a garage.

A garage ceiling surface can be used to store tools and items. Many homeowners add ceiling-mounted storage units. These units help to store boxes, lawn and landscaping equipment and other materials and tools that do not get used frequently. Another option, is adding a pulley hoist system along with different adjustable racks for storing. Below are a few pros and cons about this type of system.


The pulley system really does take the effort out of storing things away. You will never have to lift a heavy load of boxes or items again. The pulley system also saves you from climbing up and down ladders.


Sometimes homeowners are more anxious to store lots of items up on the pulley system and forget that the system has a weight limit. Many average systems are only good to store up to 200 pounds of weight. Going over this limit will cause harm to the people and cars below.

The system also has its own set of safety problems you must be aware of. If you fail to properly secure the item you are lifting upwards, you may end up having it crash down back onto you.

Last but not least, the pulley system is electronic and electronics do fail at one time or another. You could end up having a whole bunch of things up in the rafters without any way of getting them back down on the floor, without replacing the mechanisms.