Pros And Cons Of A Garage Door Window

Garage door windows are a recent trend. They can even be retrofitted to existing garage doors. Below are some things to consider about before you invest in a garage door with windows.

Pros of Garage Door Windows

Garage door windows let natural light in, which makes the garage a more pleasant place to spend time in than an artificially lit environment. The windows have a decorative “curb appeal”, especially if you choose a style which matches the other windows in your house. If you are replacing a garage door anyway, it is no extra work to choose a style with windows.

Cons of Garage Door Windows

If you can see out, then others can see in, which presents a security risk if you keep valuable things in your garage. Glass surfaces lose more heat energy than wood or insulated metal, so the windows will present extra cost and environmental considerations. Retrofitting garage door windows to an existing door is a challenging and time consuming do-it-yourself project.