Pros and Cons of a Hard Shell Acoustic Guitar Case

hard accoustic guitar case

A hard shell guitar case can protect your guitar when you are traveling. They are sturdy and can be locked to protect your guitar inside. There always two sides to a story, however, so having a hard shell case might not be ideal for everyone.

Pros of a Hard Shell Acoustic Guitar Case

Traveling is made safer with a hard shell guitar case. When you travel on planes with your guitar, you have to check it as baggage and the guitar can be exposed to extremely low temperatures. This causes serious harm to the guitar. A hard shell case will better protect and insulate it from the chilling environment. Luggage handlers at the airport are not particularly careful with bags and cases, either, so hard shell cases offer better protection.

Cons of a Hard Shell Acoustic Guitar Case

A hard shell case is not exactly light to carry. Softer cases are normally constructed from plastic or vinyl but are very light weight when compared to a hard shell case. Hard shell cases can’t always be stored as easy as soft cases. A hard shell case is only as compact as the size of the hard edges and cannot be squashed down to the mere size of the guitar.