Pros and Cons of a Paintless Car Dent Repair

Paintless car dent repair is an art. If you take your vehicle to a body shop for car dent repair it’s not a cheap art, either. It’s something you can do at home to save money, but there are pros and cons to paintless car dent repair.


Paintless car dent repair is certainly a cheaper option than having the dent fixed professionally with a good paint job. For many people that can be an important factor, as other types of car dent repair can be extremely expensive.

As it’s a job you can undertake yourself the only cost is for the equipment. This is more of an investment as you’ll be likely to use the tools several times for paintless car dent repair. You’ll receive good value from them.


Although paintless car dent repair is certainly adequate, and often very good, it’s still more like a band aid rather than surgery. However good you are the car will never look quite the same again.

With full car dent repair the body panel looks as good as new, the paint fresh and the surface completely smooth. This is the professional way, and with larger dents can be worth every penny of the expense.