Pros and Cons of a Pushbutton Door Lock

Door locks are the most common ways to ensure security in your home, with the pushbutton door lock being among the safest. As crime rises every year, security measures get better and stronger. When looking for a security system, you want something that you can trust and be at ease with so that when you are away from your home, you are not worried. A pushbutton door lock allows you to feel secure at all times whether in the house or away from the house. The pros outweigh the cons.


Pushbutton door locks have numerous advantages, including the following:

Easy to Use

Pushbutton door locks do not have a combination number that you have to remember. Since there are no keys to carry around, there is no possibility of losing your key and being locked out of your house. Also, this system is easier for the handicapped because it is less cumbersome than using keys. Other than ease of use, it is easy to install as well. A few guidelines can help you install one on your own.

Compatible with a Computer

pushbutton door locks allow you to incorporate a computer. This way, you can connect the windows and doors to the lock system and eliminate any tiresome manual activities like locking them. You can also link the door lock to the alarm system such that when the code is entered wrong, the alarm is triggered. Due to this fact, the chances of a successfully burglary are close to nil.


These locks are made with the best metal, allowing them to be strong and durable. Quality is ensured in the manufacturing of this lock using high quality parts. The system can be installed outside the house because it is waterproof. This type of lock is not only safe but also gives a very stylish look.

Multiple Codes

This kind of lock allows you to make multiple codes. This feature allows you to assign different codes to different members such that when they are expended, their codes are just deleted. Therefore, different members of the family can be given the code. This can be especially useful in a company where there are many workers.


The pushbutton door lock has its share of disadvantages, including the following:


The pushbutton door lock and the installation process can be quite costly. At times, you will need the help of a professional during installation. Additionally, the maintenance cost of the system is quiet high. It can create a problem especially if there is a wiring malfunction, which is rather hard to detect.

Needs Care

The entire mechanism and system is quite delicate and requires maintenance. Additionally, they cannot be used at all times. For example, in case of black outs or an interrupted power supply, the system cannot be used.

Extra Tips

If your pushbutton door lock runs on electricity, it is wise to have a back-up power supply in case of emergencies or a power black out to avoid any incidents.