Pros and Cons of a Soft Classical Guitar Case

A soft guitar case can be the answer if you have a considerable amount of carrying to do. The heavier solid cases can feel like a ton of bricks at the end of a long walk. You really need to look at both sides of the picture before making up your mind which to guitar case to purchase.


If major protection of your guitar is of paramount importance to you, you would be advised to remember a soft skin does not provide the guitar protection from damage. Any hard bump will damage your guitar if it’s only protected by a soft guitar case.


In its favor, a soft case is considerably cheaper than a hard case and if treated well can last a long time. Many times when you buy a guitar a case is included in the purchase price. However, if your guitar came with a hard case you might want to consider investing in a soft guitar case as well.


Because a soft case is made of light weight material, it makes carrying your guitar considerably easier.


Should storage be a factor, the soft guitar case can be folded up and packed away. It takes a lot less space than its hard counterpart.