Pros and Cons of a Universal Toilet Tank Repair Kits

The toilet fill valve and flapper are included in most universal toilet tank repair kits. These kits allow the homeowner to fix most repair jobs including toilets that do not fill fast enough and toilets that leak or run continually. These kits require only a few tools including an adjustable wrench and channel lock pliers.

Saving the Tank

Ghost flushing in toilets occurs when the flapper seals onto the drain seat of the flush valve. Over time the drain seat, chemicals and minerals deteriorate the drain seat, causing water to leak out of the tank. The leaking keeps the level of the water too low and affects the fill valve. A flush valve replacement usually requires work by a licensed plumbing professional. The replacement is an expensive job and there is potential for breaking the toilet tank. With a universal toilet repair kit, you can solve the problem yourself, without damaging the tank

Saving Money

Using a toilet repair kit by yourself can save you money but may cost you in time. Depending on your skill and experience, installing the kit can be a quick job or a one that drags on all day. If this type of repair seems beyond your ability, a plumbing professional can be called in to complete the work for you. Universal toilet repair kits are inexpensive and typically cost between $10 and $15 compared to the more costly service call of a plumbing professional. Having a professional do the work will cost a minimum of $100.