Pros and Cons of a Vessel Sink Faucet

Vessel sink faucets, unlike normal taps, are taller in height and clear the high rim of the vessel sink basin. Vessel sinks are placed above countertops, hence regular or traditional faucets are not suitable to be used with them. Making a final selection on vessel sink faucets is difficult due to the availability of a wide range in the market. However, almost all vessel sink faucets come with certain advantages that make them a good buy:

Visually Appealing

Available in a variety of colors and shapes, vessel sink faucets combined with vessel sinks are sure to give your bathroom a contemporary and refined look. The complete collection of faucets consists of the bridged, bamboo, classic, modern, single hole and wall mounted faucets. While the bamboo shapes symbolizes peace and tranquility, the modern shape gives an edgy feel to the sink. Other type of vessel sink faucets are made of metals such as copper, chrome, nickel, bronze and brass. Additionally, vessel faucets are available in polished, brushed and matte finishes. Perhaps the most interesting faucet amongst all these is the waterfall faucet in which a flip of the lever causes a wide sheet of water to fall gently into the vessel sink, bearing resemblance to a real waterfall.

Functions Smoothly

Customer reviews largely suggest that vessel sink faucets operate smoothly as they give a smooth, constant flow of water. Moreover, the presence of a good valve with the vessel sink faucets ensures that the water does not change from hot to cold abruptly while you adjust the temperature. Consumers also have the choice of a faucet with a single hot-and-cold level or two separate controls. To prevent burns, many companies offer a temperature-limit feature for single-control faucets.

Easy to Clean

Vessel sink faucets are generally easy to clean depending on the material they are made of. Cleaning metal and ceramic faucets is easier as it only requires the scrubbing of some water and detergent with the help of a cloth. Having done that, your vessel sink faucet would look as good as new.

Despite the advantages that vessel sink faucets offer, there are certain disadvantages that should be considered before purchasing one for your house:

Water Splashing

If the faucet you decide on getting installed is higher than required for the vessel sink, a lot of water may splash each time you flip the lever. You should be especially careful about this problem if you have a small vessel sink. For smaller sinks, it is recommended that you choose a shorter vessel mounted faucet.

Supplied Water Service Hoses May be Short

When you purchase one of the short vessel faucets to mount on top of the vessel, the supplied service hoses may be 5 to 7 inches short. To solve this problem, you may attach a brass nipple connector the fit the wall side of the hose and further attach an extension hose to the connector.