Pros and Cons of a Wood Deck Railing Pros and Cons of a Wood Deck Railing

A wood deck railing can be a terrific accessory to any home deck landscape. Choosing the best material is important because it will not only affect the function and appearance of the deck but it will affect the amount of time required by the homeowner to maintain its look.


Wood deck rails will provide a naturally seamless appearance to your landscape and added value to your home. When deciding on the type of wood for your deck railing, you should consider pressure treated wood pine which is a one of the best choices of wood for a deck rail. It can be found easily at most lumber outlets, is rated highly, performs well and is somewhat inexpensive compared to other wood types. Wood deck rails can be painted or stained.


Continuous weathering including moisture and heat exposure can lead to wood degeneration and repairs that can be expensive. In order to protect your investment into your railing and to keep your railing from splitting and cracking you will need to commit to the time and resources necessary to re-stain and re-seal the wood every two to three years. Many wood deck railings need to be replaced every ten to fifteen years.

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