Pros and Cons of a Wood Furnace Blower

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Having a wood furnace blower can present you with a number of advantages as a homeowner. At the same time, some people do not like them because of the drawbacks that they come with. Here are a few pros and cons of having a wood furnace blower in your home.

Wood Furnace Blower Pros

Cost to Heat

When you are using a wood furnace, the cost of your heat will decrease dramatically. If you live in a wooded area, you could effectively eliminate any heating bill. You will have to go out and collect the wood, but it can save you money if you are willing to do a little work. Even if you go out and purchase the wood, it will still be cheaper than using gas or electricity to heat the house in the winter. When you are on a budget, saving money any way that you can is beneficial.

Wood Heat

Many people prefer having wood heat just because it feels different than the alternative. They like the smell that comes with burning wood and the rustic feel in the home. Some people love to stand in front of the wood furnace blower and soak up the natural source of heat.


When you have a wood furnace blower, you are not depending on anyone else to provide heat for you. One common problem that people have to worry about in the winter is losing power because of an ice storm. If you have a wood furnace and the power goes out, you are not affected. You can still fill the furnace up with wood and heat the house regardless of whether the lights are on.

Wood Furnace Blower Cons

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Extra Work

One of the biggest drawbacks of having a wood furnace blower is it requires extra work on your part. You do not just walk across the house and flip a switch to turn the heat on. You have to go outside, grab the wood and carry it in to the furnace. When you add the extra time that it takes to find the wood and chop it, you are potentially talking about a lot of extra work and time involved.


Another disadvantage of this type of heating is that it can be messy. If the furnace is located inside, you will be carrying wood through the house to get to it. You'll find pieces of bark and sawdust all over the place. When compared to electric or gas furnaces, this is really the only method that has any mess to it.

Misrepresented Capabilities

When you go out to purchase a wood furnace blower, you will likely hear a lot of claims about the system's capabilities. They will tell you that you can heat the house for 36 hours on one furnace full of wood. They will also tell you the square footage that a unit can cover. Most of the time, these numbers are greatly exaggerated. Take these claims with a grain of salt.