Pros and Cons of a Wood Patio Deck Multi-Level Design Pros and Cons of a Wood Patio Deck Multi-Level Design

When designing your wood patio deck, you will be faced with several decisions—most importantly regarding the materials you use and the way the deck will look. If you are considering a wood patio deck and you want a multilevel design, you should know about the following benefits and drawbacks.

Pros of Wood Patio Multi-Level Design

 The main advantages of having a multi-level designed patio deck include:

  • You get more space; the patio can be small, but you will have various levels.
  • The area will be more organized, and different levels may have different purposes.
  • The area will have a more interesting appearance.
  • Each level may be built using various types of wood.

 Cons of Wood Patio Multi-Level Design

 On the other hand, there will be some disadvantages when it comes to a multi-level design:

  • The design may be more challengig.
  • The structure has to be very sturdy; otherwise it will be dangerous, so you will have to spend more on making sure the patio is safe.
  • You may have to use more materials when building.
  • The deck will be more difficult to clean.

Knowing the plusses and minuses of multi level design, you can decide if this is a solution for your yard space.

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