Pros and Cons of a Wrought Iron Console Entry Table Frame Pros and Cons of a Wrought Iron Console Entry Table Frame

A wrought iron console entry table frame will make a good complement to most interiors as many come in elegant and timeless designs. Consumers today can choose from a wide selection of table frames that come in various shapes, designs, color and price.


A wrought iron console entry table frame has a sturdy and durable construction; this means it can withstand heavy use. Since they are typically heavy, they can not be easily displaced by rough winds or rain should they be kept in an entryway that is exposed to the outdoors. A wrought iron console will remain stable even under heavy loads or weights. And because they do not require frequent repairs or replacement, a wrought iron console entry table frame can prove to be cost-effective to owners in the long run.

The wrought iron console is also very easy to rid of dust and dirt, requiring only basic household products such as soap, rag and water for cleaning. Wrought iron table frame designs are known for their charm and quiet elegance; their appeal cuts across generations and appears never to go out of style or fall out of fashion. Typical designs include plants, vines and flowers. In reality, wrought iron is a very flexible and malleable material that allows wrought iron workers to incorporate intricate designs easily.

Another advantage to such table frames is variety. Popular colors are black and white, although there are others painted with gold, red and silver colors.  Newer models have a green finish, which has proven to be very popular among consumers as well. There are also a good number of complementary peripherals to such tables available in the market as well, so you can easily update or accentuate the appearance of your table frame.

They are also very flexible and you can display them indoors or outdoors. You need not worry about leaving them outdoors since they are made of extremely durable materials able to withstand unfriendly environmental conditions. Wrought iron also has good anti-corrosive properties especially if coated with paint.


A wrought iron console entry table frame has very few disadvantages or negative attributes. One particular downside to such a table frame is that under certain conditions, it can be susceptible to rust. Cracks in table frames can become entry points for rust and so it is important that owners perform spot checks on their frames for holes; areas that show abnormal perforations should immediately be coated with paint to prevent corrosion.

Another disadvantage with wrought iron console table frames is that they easily absorb or adapt the temperature of the environment they are in. If a table frame is placed outdoors during summer, its surface could easily become hot to the touch. On the other hand, if one is left outside the home during winter, its surface could quickly become cold to the touch.

A wrought iron console entry table frame is a good investment and if properly maintained can remain useful for many years to come.

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