Pros and Cons of All-Wheel Drive Cars

All wheel drive cars distribute power among all of the wheels in the vehicle, in order to give the driver the best possible traction and handling, This feature not only makes the vehicle a more satisfying form of transportation, it makes it much safer in hazardous road conditions.


An all wheel drive car provides better traction and handling than other vehicles. It uses a center differential which is controlled electronically. This type of car determines which wheel has the most traction and quickly provides the driver with the best grip on the road. It can automatically transfer power to the back or the front wheels. An all wheel drive car also manages power efficiently, on all types of road surfaces.


A car with an all wheel drive feature typically costs more to purchase. The ability of the vehicle to transfer power among all wheels requires more components in the manufacturing. These required components tend to cost more to repair. All wheel drive cars get lower gas mileage than their front wheel drive counterparts. The extra weight from the all wheel drive components ,and the extra power required to engage them, uses more energy.