Pros and Cons of Aluminum Roof Shingles

An aluminum roof is rapidly becoming the roofing of choice for many people. With advances in building technology, more materials are now available for roofing needs than ever before. Asphalt, clay tiles, wood shakes and slate which have been the traditional choices are now being replaced by metal roofing which comes in various types such as copper, tin, steel and aluminum. Aluminum roofing continues to enjoy a huge appeal. We take a look at the pros and cons of aluminum roof shingles to help you decide if it's appropriate for you.

Green Qualities

The green properties of aluminum make it ideal for building purposes. Aluminum is recyclable and therefore makes an environmentally sound material to use in construction.


Aluminum roof shingles are strong and resilient. They will last you several years before you have to replace them. Aluminum does not rust, so you can be confident your roofing will not be affected by moisture and heat.

Fire Retardant

The fire resistant properties of an aluminum roof can protect the rest of the house from burning in the event of a fire. This is an important point for those who live where wild fires are a natural occurrence. Even if the fire should extend into the house, an aluminum roof will act to control its spread and can help you contain damages caused by fire.


Aluminum is light and easily installed. This will save you money on labor and installation costs. The lightweight material is also beneficial as it will reduce amount of effort and time required during installation of the roof.

Cooling and Warming Effects

The reflective properties of aluminum allow you to enjoy a cooler house during the summer and experience more warmth in the winter. During the summer your aluminum roof shingles reflect much of the sun's rays thus preventing the house from becoming too hot. In the winter, the roof shingles reflect heat back into the house thus causing warmer temperatures.

Energy Saving

The natural cooling and warming effects caused by aluminum roof shingles mean that you will not have to use your air conditioner as much. The reduced energy translates to less power costs which makes aluminum roofing ideal for energy saving.

Cons of Aluminum Roof Shingles

Aluminum roof shingles cost considerably more to install than other materials such as asphalt or steel. Besides, they loose their shine with time and become dull. You will have to do some painting to restore the shine. Because aluminum is lightweight, it is subject to denting when enough pressure is applied. Extreme weather occurrences such as a heavy hailstorm may disrupt the surface uniformity of your roof shingles. The lightweight property of aluminum also means that it is noisy when used on the roof. Heavy rainfall or hailstorms will cause a great deal of noise on your roof shingles. You will be compelled to place some sheathing underneath the shingles to lower the noise levels.