Pros and Cons of Black Ceiling Fan Blades

Black ceiling fan blades have a number of advantages and disadvantages, which make them either highly favored or else quite regretted by those who select them.

The Color Scheme Facet

A ceiling fan can serve not only for cooling but also for decorative purposes. Some ceiling fans in fact feature intricate designs and lights. Apart from this facet, the color of the ceiling fan should be chosen in such a way that it matches well with the color scheme of the room where it is installed. This also goes for the style since there are simple ceiling fans which are more adequate for modern styled homes, whereas others feature more gold and wooden colors and elaborate designs which make them ideal for classic styles. The color of the blades of the fan plays an important role since the blades are the most highly noticeable element in a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans which have black blades are generally speaking more modern. However, you can opt to choose a ceiling fan which comprises two colors, one on either side of the blade. So, one side can be black, whereas the opposite side is of a different color. These can then be reversed according to your tastes, or simply to change the look of the fan from time to time, especially when a renovation of the room is underway.

The Lighting Factor

The lighting factor is important when considering a ceiling fan because a large proportion of people buy it for this same purpose. However, when the ceiling fan’s blades are black, the lighting factor is slightly undermined. Since black is a very dark color it will reduce the light that actually reaches the area below the fan. This is especially the case when the light source is above the blades. Black blades will not reflect the light. On the contrary they will absorb it and become rather hot if the light remains on for a considerable amount of time. This will increase the probability of fading and ultimately of the possible deterioration of the blade, requiring replacement as time goes by.

The Cleanliness Factor

It is a known fact that anything that is black or of a dark color, will have the disadvantage of showing more dust particles and look unclean. This is one of the disadvantages of a ceiling fan with black blades. Consequently, you will have to make it a point to regularly wipe the blades with a damp cloth so as to avoid this problem.

The Replacement and Maintenance Factors

A main advantage of black ceiling fan blades is that they can be easily maintained by painting them with black paint. This is obviously easily found and there is no problem to try to match a shade. Furthermore, if the blade has a scratch it can be easily patched without much likeliness of being noticed. Another advantage is that in case the blades need to be replaced, they are readily available and there will not be a problem to match them with the rest of the fan.

These aspects should be well considered and kept in mind whenever you decide to purchase a ceiling fan.