Pros and Cons of Brick Bullnose

If you are looking at different bullnose options, you might come across brick. This is commonly seen in outdoor areas, like steps around a pool. This option has its ups and downs though, so consider the pros and cons listed below.

Pros of Brick Bullnose

The Look

If you like the look of brick or already have a brick walkway, this type of bullnose will blend seamlessly. It also looks good with stone if you have that in your yard.

The Color Options

Since brick comes in so many different colors and styles, you can really get just about any look you want out of your bullnose. Red, beige, white, black, and most natural hues are available for use. You can mix and match a bunch of them or use the same color all around for a sleek look. the design potentials are truly endless.

The Ease of Replacement

The great thing about brick is that if something goes wrong with it, all you have to do is replace one or two bricks. This can severely cut down the costs if you have foundation problems or something that would cause a crack. Along the same lines, if you need to get into the ground for some reason, you can easily remove just one or two brick, rather than a whole sheet of metal or something similar.

The Availability

Something that's great about brick anything is that they are readily available just about everywhere. You can find it at local home improvement shops or online even. This gives you a chance to shop around for the best prices.

Cons of Brick Bullnose

The Stability

Brick does have a tendency to chip when it's right on the edge of something, like a bullnose would be on the corner. If you have a lot of activity going on, you may find yourself with some shabby looking bricks over time.

The Outdated Appeal

To some people, stone is considered to be a modern approach to brick. Thus brick itself can seem outdated at times. That is really a matter of personal opinion, but if you have a stone facade on your house, you might opt for a different type of bullnose to maintain consistency.

The Cost

You can come across a heavy expense if you opt to use brick bullnose on a large area. The cost per brick adds up easily, so you may be fronting a heavy bill.

The Installation

With brick, you have to worry about grouting, which is never a fun process. On top of that, you have to properly space the bricks and lay each one individually. For very large areas, this can get very tedious very quickly.

The Cuts

If you have to customize a brick to fit in an awkward corner, the cuts can be cumbersome. Bricks don't exactly deal well with curves either unless they are made to do so. If you have a lot of odd shapes, you may want to look at a different material than brick.