Pros and Cons of Brick Siding Panels

Brick siding panels can provide your home with a good outer wall finish. The brick material will not only protect the house exterior from harsh elements, but it will also minimize heat loss from inside your home. Besides, the unique texture of bricks will add more detail to your home structure. But brick sidings are not without difficulties. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using brick material as siding for your home.

Pros of Brick Siding Panels

Bricks are strong and durable, which means you have a material that can withstand the test of time. Brick siding panels are now available in various colors. With bricks, you do not need to worry about constant repair and maintenance. Homes made with brick materials can also sell for higher prices.

    Cons of Brick Siding Panels

    Bricks are more expensive than other types of materials that can be used as siding panels. Installation cost for brick sidings is also more expensive because you need a contractor for the job. This type of material is heavier than others, so a poor layout or arrangement of bricks can collapse and ruin your wall.

      In the end, if you really want to get the unique look of brick material without necessarily experiencing the disadvantages, you can opt for faux bricks or brick veneer siding panels that are much cheaper and lighter than real bricks.