Pros and Cons of Cobblestone Flooring

  • Beginner

If you are considering cobblestone flooring in your home, you may want to first weigh the pros and cons. Here is a little information to help you with a decision.


Cobblestone flooring design is unique. You can choose the colors and the patterns of the stone and let the design represent your personal style. There are so many different options and patterns that everyone is likely to find something that they love.


The good thing about cobblestone flooring is that you can really control the cost depending on the design you are after. Because of this, cobblestone flooring is affordable for all budgets and you can use your own budget to decide which style is best for you and your home.


Maintenance is one of the downsides of cobblestone flooring. It can be hard to clean if you have children who track mud through the room. While there are several cleaners that are designed especially for this type of material, some may be costly, and getting into the nooks of the flooring may be difficult on a regular basis.

Overall though cobblestone flooring is a wonderful asset to any home. It looks great and if you are up to the maintenance challenge then this flooring is for you.