Pros and Cons of Electric Strike Locks

An electric strike lock system uses an electric current to move the latch on your door backwards and forwards. This type of lock is often used in secure areas of a business. Employees are given a swipe card with a magnetic strip on the back. This activates the electric strike lock, allowing them access to the secure area. There are two main types of electric strike lock, both of which use electric current. The first keeps the door closed in the event of a power failure, while the other will be open during a power failure. There are both advantages and disadvantages to using this kind of lock.

Advantages of Using an Electric Strike Lock

This type of lock is perfect for use in areas where you need a lot of security, or where other locks have been broken into. The electric strike lock also means that some people, such as children, would not be able to open the door, which is more secure at night time. You can also get a range of locks which can be used with the electric strike lock, from traditional mortise locks, to cylinder locks, which can be used to power the alarm system.

When you are looking for these particular kinds of locks, consider the best style of locking mechanism to accompany it, such as the cylinder lock. Combination locks may be more difficult to use with this system. As well as being a secure system by itself, you might also find that you can get an alarm fitted, or a light which tells you when the door is securely locked.

Disadvantages of Using an Electric Strike Lock

There are also a number of problems with the electric strike lock. The simplest is that it requires a card to allow access, which might be lost, misplaced or even stolen. Losing this card means that you might not be able to get access to your home, or to an office building. These cards also cost quite a lot to replace. The major problem with installing the electric strike lock is that most doors are not suitable.

A door with an aluminum frame may not be able to fit the lock, as they need to have quite thick door spaces. You could also find that a hollow door is difficult, many of these types of doors are filled with plaster, which needs to be drilled out before the electric strike lock can be fitted.

Weighing up the Electric Strike Lock

Although there are some inconveniences to having the electric strike lock, if you are concerned about security, or need to hold private papers in a very secure place, then this is the lock for you. Some legal requirements ask that an electric strike lock be fitted to some offices or places of work, and this can be done fairly cheaply. All that needs to be done is that the lock needs to be fitted properly in the door, or you could even replace the door.