Pros and Cons of Face Brick in Your Home

Face brick generally refers to open and exposed brick walls that may appear either inside of a home or on the exterior of a home. Because of its popularity in early 20th century buildings, it has come to mark a very particular time in the design of homes and apartments around the country. Many people consider installing face brick in newer homes to provide a unique appearance to the space. Before you go complete your installation or renovation plans, you should first consider the various pros and cons to using brick in your home.

Pros of Including Face Brick

Face brick is viewed favorably from a design perspective for a number of reasons. First, it is unique in appearance and texture and stands out clearly as opposed to standard plaster or wood walls. Face brick is widely variable and can be tailored to whatever appearance you'd like. Although the standard offset pattern of red bricks with white mortar is the most common, the bricks can be of a number of different colors, sizes and designs.

Face brick is also a stable and sturdy addition to any home. Because many older homes included brick in the support of the home structure already, the option to expose the brick became a trendy and popular choice for many builders. Today, face brick can be used in areas in which a support wall is necessary, or it can also be used in cases in which a purely aesthetic wall may be used instead.

Cons of Including Face Brick

While there are many different advantages to using face brick on your walls, it's important also to be aware that there are some disadvantages to keep in mind as well. One of the main disadvantages is associated with the cost of face brick. Face brick can require a great deal of labor and time to install. While the materials themselves are often inexpensive, the amount of time and expertise required for the project of installing face brick can make it cost prohibitive. You will need to hire a professional to help you with the installation process.

Another concern for many people is the maintenance and upkeep of face brick. While brick tends to be very sturdy, over time it can be worn down. Pieces of the brick can flake or chip off, which causes both a mess and safety issues, particularly for families with young children. This will require upkeep and additional work, which costs both time and money. Additionally, face brick tends to be poor at insulating a space, so it will also be necessary to include additional insulation materials as well.

If you're interested in including face brick in your new home or in a renovation, consult with a contractor who specializes in this type of project for more information. Be sure to get at least three bids before you agree to hire anyone,