Pros and Cons of Fence Climbing Vines With Thorns

There are many positives and negatives to fence climbing vines with thorns. Of course vines with thorns such as roses are beautiful but they can also be dangerous.

Types of Thorny Climbing Vines

Some types of climbing vines use tendrils to aid them in climbing upward, however many other varieties use thorns or hooks for help. Some of these vines include the climbing cane, calamus, climbing rose vines, various berries and bougainvillea.

Pros of Fence Climbing Vines With Thorns

Using a thorny vine in your garden will attract more wildlife, such as birds. They love the thorns for nesting so they can be sure they are safe from predators like cats. Additionally, many of the thorny vines are fruit producing plants such as berries and some varieties of grapes. Vines with thorns can also be used around a fence to keep away unwanted visitors.

Cons of Fence Climbing Vines With Thorns

If you have young children around they could easily become cut or injured by the thorny vine so this variety may not be the best option. Additionally, if you have a very small garden a climbing vine with thorns could make it more difficult for you to work and move around.