Pros and Cons of Flexible Rain Gutter Downspouts

If you are redesigning the exterior of your home, you might include flexible gutter downspouts in your plans. These are downspouts which are designed to have a little bit more give than usual, making them more like hoses than downspouts. This can be good in some ways, but may have very negative effects in others. In order to decide whether you want to have flexible gutter downspouts in your plans, you should understand both the pros and cons of these gutter accessories.

Benefits of the Flexible Gutter Downspouts

The flexible gutter downspouts might be one of the best ways of getting water quickly away from a rain barrel or damaged drain. Excessive water can quickly fill up rain barrels, leading to leaks, and you might want to turn the downspout away, so that it faces a drain. Alternatively, you can stop it pouring water into a clogged drain by pointing it to a bucket.

Disadvantages of the Flexible Gutter Downspouts

Sometimes these gutters have the potential to be too keen on their job, and can flex without you knowing about it, leaving you with a flood to clear up. They are also not completely secure, meaning that holes are more likely to develop than with ordinary downspouts.