Pros and Cons of Front-Wheel Drive Cars

Front-wheel drive cars (FWD cars) have both advantages and disadvantages to the driver. When considering what type of vehicle to purchase, think of these FWD car pros and cons:

Pros: Better Traction, More Economical

Front-wheel drive cars are among the best types of vehicles to drive in snowy, icy or rainy conditions. Having the car propelled by the front wheels, near the engine, allows the driver to use that front-concentrated weight of the car to gain traction and have more responsive control in inclement weather.

FWD cars are also typically smaller than other vehicles because there's less need for space at the back of the car. This leads to greater fuel efficiency and lower price tags.

Cons: Not as Easy to Control, Less Sturdy

When the roads aren't slippery, front-wheel drive cars are at a great disadvantage when it comes to handling. This is because the front of the car pulls the rear tires along without any propulsion help from the back of the vehicle. You'll find superior control, braking power and acceleration in rear-wheel drive vehicles.

Front-wheel drive cars are also more prone to wear and tear because so much of the operating system of the vehicle is concentrated in one area. You may need to have the car repaired more often.