Pros and Cons of Garage Door Kits

In the current economy, many homeowners are attempting home installation and repair projects in an effort to save money, this includes garage door kits. Garage door kits provide the parts and instructions for installing a new garage door in an existing garage. Like most home repair projects, they offer both advantages and disadvantages that must be considered by the homeowner.

Money, Money, Money
Installing a garage door yourself can save a significant amount of money on a professional garage door installation. However, this home installation carries a certain amount of risk. If you are not familiar with construction or garage door installation, you might accidentally make the wrong cut or throw away an important part. The replacement parts will cost additional money. If you significantly damage or destroy the garage door, you may still need to hire a professional installer anyway.

Design and Materials Limitations
Garage door kits are available in a limited number of designs. Many of these designs are chosen because they are easier for the do-it-yourselfer. If you want a particularly complicated or unique design, you may be disappointed. If you need a non-standard size of garage door, you will almost certainly struggle to find it in a garage door kit. You may also find yourself limited by the available materials. Most garage door kits use steel or vinyl garage doors. If your heart is set on a particularly unique or non-standard garage door material, you may be disappointed by a garage door kit.

Lack of Expertise
If you install your garage door with a garage door kit, you will not have a paid professional guiding you through the installation process. Most kits come with printed directions. If you are not skilled at reading and following directions, or if you do not have the necessary tools to install the doors, then you should carefully consider the amount you will have to spend on top of the price of the garage door kit.

Time is Money
By choosing a garage door kit, you can install the garage door on your time. Instead of spending a day waiting for a repairman to arrive, you can just install the door as soon as you want. Instead of rearranging your schedule around a repairman, you can install the door around your schedule. You can install a door on the weekends, in the evenings, or at any other time that is convenient for you.

Make it Your Own
If you have experience in construction, or if you feel confident about your ability to install the door, then you can make the pre-fabricated garage door kit your own. You can replace a vinyl panel with a glass panel, stain wooden panels to match your home, or paint a pattern on the panels that will make your garage door unique. By doing it yourself, you are giving yourself more freedom and flexibily to personalize the door.