Pros and Cons of Getting a Lexan Motorcycle Windshield Replacement

Motorcycle windshield replacement is something that can be quite challenging regardless of the type of windshield you have. The Lexan windshield is a popular option for motorcycles. Similar to plexiglass, Lexan is much stronger than glass, and much lighter weight, making it ideal for a motorcycle. While a windshield for your motorcycle is not necessary, it is something that makes driving around more enjoyable. If your Lexan windshield is damaged, you will probably want to replace it as soon as possible.


There are specialty tools that you will have to obtain before you attempt any type of repair work on your motorcycle windshield. For Lexan there are products you can purchase to repair simple cracks. Some of these products resemble resin, and others are a type of tape that will adhere cracks. Since Lexan is much stronger than glass, it won't often be necessary to replace a damaged windshield.


A Lexan windshield is very strong and almost as transparent as glass. It is easy to cut and form Lexan plastic regardless of the temperature. You will be able to work with Lexan plastic as you would with aluminum. Lexan plastic is highly impact resistant. There are only two types of plastic that are used for motorcycle windshields. The other is acrylic. Acrylic is only 3 percent as impact resistant as Lexan. This type of plastic is legal in all states because it is DOT (Department of Transportation) approved. These types of windshields are tested by firing guns at them, which ensures that they will not shatter when they are hit by a rock.


One of the biggest issues with Lexan windshields is that they pick up water from the air and eventually the plastic itself will become cloudy. The water will begin to form bubbles whenever the plastic is heated. Consequently, when the Lexan is formed during the manufacturing process, it has to be put into a drying oven for about 12 hours at 200 degrees.

When cleaning Lexan you cannot use any type of cleaning product that contains ammonia because it will become very cloudy. This rules out standard glass cleaners. If your windshield gets scratched, you can't use any type of polish to remove the scratches. Replacement for these types of windshields is usually the only way to repair them should the plastic itself become damaged.

Fortunately, you will find that Lexan windshields are very durable and not easily damaged.